Gear Cutting for the Photographic Industry - Van Diemen Optics Case Study

Motion picture lenses and fibre optic systems are required to be precise and smooth. Van Diemen Optics design and manufacture high spec lenses and optic systems for broadcast television applications and their customers are incredibly particular.
Van Diemen found themselves in need for a company to complete gear cutting for them. With all this particularity and precision demanded of them, they must demand the same from their suppliers. Previously they cut their own gears at their in-house factory, but after the factory was closed and their current engineer affiliates did not perform gear cutting they started a search for someone that did.
Van Diemen then came to meet the guys here at Certa. Impressed with the high standards of their manufacturing they rejected other companies on the basis of price and quality. Van Diemen wanted to form an on-going relationship with the company they chose and the central location of Certa also influenced their decision. They were able to meet with engineers and discuss designs and ideas face to face as well as viewing and handling products. It was a combination of Certa’s quality products, price, turnaround times, location and interaction with the engineers themselves that won them Van Diemens business.
Talking to Christopher Smith, the Managing Director of Van Diemen, the company's relationship has not always been plain sailing. Chris and the previous owner of Certa (which was FG Motorsport at the time) had several disagreements over commercials. When questioned why Chris chose to stay with Certa after these issues he remarked “I knew the engineers there and didn't’t want to compromise the level of quality by changing suppliers.”
So how does Van Diemen feel about working with Certa now? The strong relationship built between Chris and the new owners has more than repaid his trust in Certa. The fast turnaround also seems to also be of particular benefit to Van Diemen “It’s a great help. It reduces the time I have to stock components for. If I only order them a short while before I need them, I at least I get some return”. Chris also discussed the benefits of working with our General Manager; “Nick’s helpful nature is great, if I need a product in a hurry, he will generally put himself out to deal with it”. And with regards to commercial arrangements Chris says “we have a cooperative arrangement for discussing these things. Generally a compromise is found or a reason given otherwise”
So there you have it. Certa are able to fulfill outstanding quality products for the most random of niches in timescales and prices that will have you pleased you popped by.