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Gear Cutting for the Photographic Industry - Van Diemen Optics Case Study

Motion picture lenses and fibre optic systems are required to be precise and smooth. Van Diemen Optics design and manufacture high spec lenses and optic systems for broadcast television applications and their customers are incredibly particular.

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5 Day Reverse Engineered Double Gears

We recently had a visit from a guy called Ted who was desperately looking for a replacement double gear for his bike. After looking everywhere for a new part, he popped in to see what we could do to help.

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Sprint Event Win for our Driveshafts

It is always excellent to know our parts help contribute to others success. We have recently manufactured a pair of driveshafts for team XoomSpeed which were used in their race car, Nemisis K9,  for a Sprint Event in Golspie.

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Coming Soon! Ebay and Amazon Shops

As well as making complex parts from designs and reverse engineering, we also make standard stock parts too! We are currently busy building our Ebay and Amazon shops so it will be super easy for you to get your hands on top spec standard parts. We will let you know when it's finished. 

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