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Certa Precision Engineering is the sales division of FG Motorsport Ltd. We have been in the industry for over 30 years producing top quality engineering products and services for our discering clients. Our team of engineers collectively boasts over a century's worth of engineering experience. Time and again our clients return to us for their precision engineering requirements. Whether it's producing parts from specification drawings, reverse engineering for replacement parts that are now obsolete, or helping a client to amend a part that just isn't working for them, the reason they return is because the quality of our materials, the excellence of our engineering experience, and our fast turnaround times.Although based in Weybridge, Surrey, we cater for clients all over the world.

Meet The Team

Andre Harrison
CNC Turner and Miller

Andre has been an engineer with Certa for 20 years. His skills include manual milling, turning, gear cutting, hobbing and suface grinding as well as CNC turning and milling. During his time with us his favourite things made are hydraulic housing that went into space and Marting Baker ejector seat parts.  

Mike Collins
CNC Turner

Mike has been with the Certa team for 10 years completeing CNC turning. His favourite thing made in that time are drive shafts and flanges. 

Nick Marshall
General Manager

Rory Creaner
Senior Engineer

Rory has been an engineer with the Certa team for 30 years and is very capable in manual turning, gear cutting and hobbing. Rory's favourite things made are Red Bull shafts. 

Yasar Khan


Certa Precision Engineering is the Sales Division of FG Motorsport Ltd




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